Paint Night

We provide all the painting tools. No painting experience is required for this event.


Vinoscenti Vineyards is proud to present Inspired Canvas by Tammy Bailey.

In this 2.5 hour of class, students will learn many painting techniques from an accredited artist. Each student will be supplied with a 10 x 20″ canvas, all painting materials, one glass of white and red wine, and some nibbles. Join us as the lovely Tammy Bailey walks you through her piece while indulging in the wine crafted at our very own vineyard!


Our paintings from paint nights!


















Our first paint night, August 16th, with Tammy:


Our second paint night, September 6th, with Tammy:

Our third paint night, October 12th 2018, with Tammy:


Our fifth paint night, Jan. 17th 2018, with Tammy:

Jan. 20th Sunday Painting Afternoon with Chantale:

Thank everyone who came to our paint night! It was a wonderful time.